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Best Political Campaign Books

The nation is awash with attack ads, rallies and campaign lawn signs. The point of all of this, of course, is to secure a win (and to ensure the other guy or girl loses). So how do campaigns know which messages and modes of communication will work best? And what can recent elections tell us about the behavior of the electorate in the years to come? Scouted brings you a collection of books that take you through the decision-making (and drama) that drives our elections. Read them and you’ll be a real expert in political posturing – and maybe even ready to run your own campaign – in no time.

Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns

Do you sometimes feel like the campaign messages flooding into your inbox and mailbox are tailor-made to target you? It is because they are. Sasha Issenberg lifts the curtain on the data-driven (and scary precision) tactics driving the modern campaign.

Looking to get to the heart of what it takes to run a successful election race? This Campaigns & Elections Editor’s Guide is considered one of the most reliable sources on the subject.

The campaign manager: organizing and winning local elections

Take your political education a step further and learn to think like a campaign manager with this comprehensive guide written by a three-time Pacific Northwest mayor and political operative.

Fear and loathing on the campaign trail

So how did Donald Trump win? Relive every moment of the truly tumultuous saga that was the president’s quixotic victory with these memoirs from someone who watched it unfold up close, day in and day out: MSNBC’s Katy Tur. When you’re done, cross the alley to check Chasing Hillary from New York Times reporter Amy Chozick for an intimate portrait of the life covering the Democratic nominee.

Everyone loves a good political revealer. Even better? One that sheds some light on how the results were achieved. This best-selling look at the 2008 presidential campaign delivers all the products: dramatic gossip, greedy aides exchanging blame. Of course, this is far from the only option. The genre seems to grow with each cycle.

For the campaign (book) junkies who just can’t get enough, we’ve got a quick reading list of five more choices to add to your cart:

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