Political campaigns

Compton Teacher’s Association spends over $200,000 on political campaigns

Do members know how their union dues are spent?

Compton – Compton Education Association (CEA), represents teachers in Compton who have made no secret of their dislike of certain members of the school board and their spending on political campaigns reflects this. In the most recent elections, CEA invested heavily in lesser-known, hand-picked candidates with little or no education experience, in their unsuccessful bid to replace board members.

Spending by the CEA could be considered fraud, waste and abuse, if all members do not know how their dues are spent.

According to campaign records in 2017, CEA spent over $48,000.00 on its hand-picked candidates Gregory Pitts and Rodney Curry. In addition to presenting each candidate with a check for $500.00, CAOT also purchased campaign materials in each candidate’s name for $12,000.00. The CEA failed to replace Satra Zurita and Alma Pleasant.

In 2020, CEA spent over $63,000.00 to unseat current school board president Micah Ali and Charles Davis and again failed miserably. CAOT presented school board member Sandra Moss with a check for over $15,000.00, candidates Gregory Pitts over $12,000.00 and Anthony Perry over $19,000.00 in checks for their respective campaigns.

Ironically, Moss is well known for voting with the majority on items placed before her.

*Highlighted portions of this document are Compton Teacher Union election payouts referenced in this article

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Other beneficiaries of CEA’s frivolous spending went to a committee controlled by then Compton Mayor Aja Brown (Elevate Compton) and his secretary Melissa Freeny (daughter of current candidate Mary Jackson Freeny) in the amount of $3,800. Former District 2 City Council candidate Andre “HubCityDre” Spicer (The Hub Radio) cashed and received a check for over $6,000.00.

As the CEA prepares for this round of elections with two new and one old hand-picked candidate who have no education background except one; school district teachers wonder how much extra money deducted from their checks the CEA will waste on inexperienced candidates who put no real effort or effort into their own campaigns.