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Conservative Election Candidates Lead Use of Facebook Ads for Campaigns Against Low-Traffic Neighborhoods and Clean Air Zones

Politicians contesting local elections this week in 21 constituencies are pledging to oppose plans to tackle air pollution.

The Guardian The newspaper published an analysis of Facebook’s advertising library ahead of local elections in England and Wales on Thursday May 5, revealing a number of hopeful politicians who are running campaigns based on policies such as cutting Low Traffic Neighborhoods (LTN) and Clean Air Zones (CAZ).

Of 164 such ads analyzed, 136 were placed by conservative politicians, putting them at odds with central government commitments to climate change and tackling air pollution. LTNs and CAZs have been encouraged and in some cases mandated by Downing Street, with funds coming largely from central rather than local coffers.

By comparison, only six Labour, three Liberal Democrats and 19 independents are campaigning against such plans, which have already divided the electorate in many areas, including Greater Manchester, a region Air Quality News in a recent feature article on politicization and the need for initiatives that reduce the number of cars on the roads in an effort to reduce levels of pollutants in the atmosphere.

Last month, an analysis by the Central Office for the Public Interest found that three in four UK homes had breached at least one World Health Organization limit on air pollution. Meanwhile, air monitoring specialist Airly found that 97% of UK schools also exceeded safe air pollution levels, with children among the most susceptible to health problems caused by pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, PM2.5 and carbon dioxide.

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