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CPAC’s parent organization took nearly $200,000 from Soros-linked ‘Dark Money’ network

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After Matt Schlapp – who heads the organization that hosts the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – took to Twitter earlier this week to praise transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, it was revealed that his organization had received a donation of nearly $200,000 from a leftist fund. to promote “civil rights, social action, advocacy”.

CPAC has long been recognized as one of the first — if not the prime minister — conservative conferences in the United States. Speakers have included heavyweights in the Republican Party. Republican candidates seek invitations to speak at CPAC because it reinforces their credentials as a conservative candidate to be taken seriously.

So shockwaves swept through the internet on Monday, when Schlapp tweeted, “No matter what one thinks of Lia’s ability to swim with women, her story deserves our sympathy. It will be interesting to hear Lia’s pov in 30 years.

Conservative Twitter users responded en masse, pointing out – among other things – that Schlapp’s use of Thomas’ “preferred pronoun” was dishonest, insane (since it deviates from reality) and inconsistent with real conservative principles. . Schlapp dug his heels in and refused to back down. Perhaps the back-and-forth exchange that best exemplifies this was between Schlapp and Jenna Ellis, who – among her many other credentials – is best known for her work as a member of the legal team at Donald Trump.

Ellis responded to Schlapp’s “gender affirming” tweet by writing, “No. None of this is remotely conservative, principled, or truthful, Matt. What are you doing?!” She added, “It’s sad to see the leadership of CPAC and the GOP establishment giving in to the LGBT agenda. I won’t support that.

Schlapp – continuing in the vein of sounding much more like a liberal than a conservative – responded by dodging the point raised by Ellis and instead attacking Ellis as having ulterior motives to take him to task for his tweet. “Jenna this is fake controversy,” he wrote, adding, “You are upset at @CPAC because we didn’t invite you to speak.” Schlapp then took the same approach as Biden when asked about his support for abortion as a Catholic: He touted his credentials as a conservative, writing, “We score bills to protect women’s sports and our children from the indoctrination of gender confusion. Schlapp added: “I don’t wish to normalize it, just treat it with compassion.”

In response, Ellis again used the kind of logic that seems lost on the likes of Schlapp. She tweeted, “That’s not all you said, Matt. You can’t go back and call a man “her” under the guise of “love and compassion.” Love and compassion require telling the truth. She ended that tweet by saying, “Conservatives, this is an open call from Matt to drop CPAC because he doesn’t want to stand up for the truth.”

Ellis is right. Schlapp’s tacit endorsement of the LGBTQ+ madness that simply feeling like a woman makes a woman out of a man East rooted in an unwillingness to “stand up for the truth”. So if the head of CPAC’s parent organization doesn’t represent the truth, what does he represent? The old adage “follow the money” comes to mind. Because shortly after Schlapp’s gender-affirming tweet, The National Pulse reported that the American Conservative Union — which hosts CPAC each year — “took a six-figure donation from a top left-wing fund to “civil rights, social action, advocacy” purposes, according to the fund’s financial records dated 2020.”

From this report:

The New Venture Fund, whose mission statement revolves around “Race, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Commitment,” awarded a cash grant of $183,250 to ACU, led by Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, in 2020. The fund is known for its work supporting anti-Trump and anti-conservative initiatives.

The truth is one thing, but $183,250 is another. And it seems that – when given the choice between the two – Schlapp took the money and sold the truth. To understand the magnitude of this sale, it is important to know a little about the organization that is buying. As The National Pulse reports:

The New Venture Fund was launched in 2006 and underpins much of the activity of the political left in America today. Its chairman, Lee Bodner, is a former chief executive of Arabella Advisors, which even Atlantic magazine has described as a “massive group of progressive black money” that has targeted former President Donald Trump, his administration officials , as well as issuing over $1 billion a year to leftist groups and astronomical political operations. Bodner is also described as establishing “strategic partnerships with nonprofit organizations, including the Clinton Foundation.”

But the rabbit hole goes even further. Although New Venture Fund President Lee Bodner is no longer directly employed by Arabella Advisors, the connection is not over. As The National Pulse reports:

In 2019, the Capital Research Center revealed that these leftist funds were indeed all part of the same network “operating under the umbrella of ‘philanthropy'”. private consulting firm called Arabella Advisors, LLC. * Arabella operates four not-for-profit entities – the New Venture Fund, Sixteen Thirty Fund, Windward Fund and Hopewell Fund – which each share an address and interdependent agents with Arabella.

Considering that the lines between one part of this “Massive Progressive Dark-Money Group” and another are blurred (at best), it seems fair to consider the consolidated parts as a whole. Rather than seeing Arabella Advisors, New Venture Fund and the others as separate entities, it is perhaps better to consider them as tentacles of the same beast.

To further illustrate this relationship, Capital Research Center also revealed that:

Arabella’s network often hosts very influential leftist groups. For example, the Democracy Alliance, a donor network co-founded by billionaire George Soros, used the New Venture Fund and the Sixteen Thirty Fund to host at least eight projects that do not disclose their original backers.

Thus, CPAC and its parent organization are placed in the company of “left-wing groups and astro-territorial political operations” such as “the Clinton Foundation” as the recipient of stacks of money from a “Massive Progressive Dark-Hell”. Money Group”. – determined to destroy true conservatism.

And while Lia Thomas’ tweet may have been what brought this to light, that light is now shining on past events as well. And it makes sense of something that could previously seem confusing. As The National Pulse reports:

The National Pulse can also reveal that in recent months the American Conservative Union removed from its website a letter sent to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) criticizing them for their pro-transgender athletic stance. The letter was originally widely circulated, but was hastily taken down a few months later. It’s still available through the Wayback Machine, here.

The letter appears to have been taken down around the same time Schlapp promoted communications team Regina Bratton, who called Joe Biden ‘our last hope’ against Donald Trump, and insulted the former president’s intelligence . Bratton praised political activists such as Alyssa Milano, The Lincoln Project, Liz Cheney, Meghan McCain, Mitt Romney, The Daily Show, Joy Reid, Amy Klobuchar and others.

Schlapp has apparently been busy earning his nearly $200,000 from the left. And while he may have thought he could switch brands by calling a man “her” in a tweet as an act of “compassion,” he may find it a little harder to explain that he’s getting paid. by the enemy to do the enemy’s work.