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Genius Monkey Political Campaigns Record 78% Win Rate Over Last 4 Election Cycles

Genius Monkey has a 78% win rate over the last 4 election cycles. Here are more features you get with Genius Monkey that you can’t with other programmatic providers:

Political targeting:

  • political leanings
  • Likely voters
  • Social groups concerned
  • Media consumption targeting, which determines whether a user is part of a political affiliation and/or has special interests that may indicate certain voting behavior
  • Audience targeting and audience segments
  • Lookalike Hearings
  • Direct voter matching with over 80% match rate
  • Cookie, email and IP targeting
  • Geo-targeting, including congressional districts, geofences and more
  • Same day turnarounds, because we know political campaigns are time sensitive
  • Ability to handle any size of campaign, from school district to national elections
  • Over a decade of involvement and data in the political programmatic space, with expertise in display, video, OTT/CTV, audio, and more.

Genius Monkey helps you eliminate unnecessary ad spend by accurately target your most likely voterssuch as those who live in particular constituencies, visit specific websites, or have searched for certain topics/keywords.

Travis FieldGenius Monkey COO, said, “Visibility wins elections, and Genius Monkey will make you visible! We are tailor-made for political campaigns. Other platforms may offer additional political advertising, but this is our primary product offering. We have the experience, the right technology, industry-leading political targeting, a live scoreboard and a team that can guide you every step of the way.”

You won’t reach your entire audience without programmatic, and Genius Monkey is the perfect partner with powerful capabilities to bring you more impressions, better targeting, and big wins.


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