Political campaigns

Letter: Allow only local donations for local political campaigns | Letters to the Editor

Regarding the “Redistricting stymies ‘swing’ districts” (February 9): It is sickening to see how politicians and the courts have poisoned our republic with gerrymandering, voting restrictions and political donations. Political analysts base some of their projections on a candidate’s “war chest” rather than their platforms. I suggest these might be solutions to this problem:

• Unlimited donations to federal candidates would be directed to the treasury of a national political party. Donations limited by current law would be funds donated within the boundaries of that political function. For example, my U.S. Representative, Ann Wagner, R-Ballwin, would be limited to donations from the 2nd Congressional District and the National Republican Party. Donations for state office elections would be limited to state donors for the state office or state district in the Missouri House or Senate.

• Unlimited donations to the national party would be divided by the open number of House or Senate seats and candidates. Divide the donations equally between the parties for the president/vice-president.

• Stop all donations 45 days before the election and publicly name all donors. Identify any donation equal to or greater than $2,500 by amount, date and donor’s name. Make the national party pay to do all this paperwork. National party funds not spent by a candidate would be returned and applied to any shortfall in campaign costs, with the remainder going to our national debt.

No black money. More money from out of state. No secret political action committee money. No money from another candidate’s campaign funds and requiring strict accountability for all political donations.

Karl H. Zickler • County of St. Louis