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The PSOJ renews its call for short-term strategies to fight gangs | New

The Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) is renewing its call for the country’s political leaders to come together to devise short-term strategies to tackle crime, especially that carried out by gangs.

Noting that there has been no movement since it issued the appeal on September 7, the organization calls on the government and security forces to be proactive and lead the way in serving and protecting the Jamaicans, as many citizens live in a state of fear and anxiety in the face of relentless and horrific criminal acts.

“Jamaicans are losing hope and it certainly appears that under our current legal construct and, or with the resources available to be deployed, we do not have the ability to mount a sustained attack on these gangs that will reverse the trajectory of the killings. .and chaos,” a spokesperson said in a statement today.

The PSOJ says that while it is aware that medium and long-term plans are being pursued as well as socio-economic interventions in the communities, it says that the authorities must deal with the immediate crisis.

“PSOJ has been patient and constructive in supporting our leaders, but this situation is now becoming untenable and weighing on us all psychologically and physically as we live with the constant fear of overt and senseless violence that often costs lives and lives. destroys families.

“We therefore call on the government and our leaders of the JCF [Jamaica Constabulary Force] and JDF [Jamaica Defence Force] to engage our people and propose and execute sound and effective short-term strategies of violence within our legal construct to mount a credible and sustained effort to neutralize these gangs, to reduce the wanton and horrific loss of life,” said the spokesperson.

The organization believes this would go a long way in restoring confidence and bringing some comfort and hope to Jamaicans.

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