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“The Rotary club is not a political organization” Deputy Governor –

By Binta Jaiteh & Mama A Touray Adel Sock, assistant governor-elect of the Rotary Club of Brusubi, said the club is not a political organization, but all Rotarians are concerned with all things good citizenship. She clarified that Ramatoulie Ojikutu Rotaract and Omar Jallow have been selected by members of their respective Clubs to guide […]

Political campaigns

Louisiana governor and legislature remove PAC contribution caps for political campaigns

Gov. John Bel Edwards last week approved a new law that will make it easier for special interest groups to donate unlimited amounts of money to political candidates running for office in Louisiana. The governor and state lawmakers removed current caps on political action committee donations over objections from the Louisiana Ethics Board. The new […]

Political campaigns

Political campaigns fear they will be the next victims of ransomware

Political campaigns are beefing up their protections, fearing the next in a growing number of ransomware attacks will target them. Cybercriminals are attacking an ever-growing number of targets, from Colonial Pipeline to JBS USA. And political campaigns painfully know the risks after the 2016 attacks on the Democratic National Committee (DNC). “I think we’ve seen […]

Political campaigns

The New York Times uncovers a Wyoming-based effort to sabotage political campaigns

Wapiti resident Erik Prince is one of many associated with a Wyoming-based effort to infiltrate political campaigns and obtain “dirt” to sabotage candidates. The New York Times published an article chronicling a spy effort based in Wapiti, Wyoming. Authors Mark Mazzetti and Adam Goldman interviewed dozens of people, including several Wyoming politicians, to piece together […]