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Back your claim with evidence, says South African political party in US

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), a political party in South Africa, has called on the United States to provide evidence for its allegation of a possible terrorist attack in South Africa.

On Wednesday, the US government issued a security alert warning its citizens of the possibility of terrorist attacks in South Africa.

The United States said he received reports that terrorists were planning to attack large gatherings of people in Sandton, Johannesburg on Saturday.

The embassy added, however, that it had no further information regarding the timing, method or target of the potential attack.

The warning for South Africa came hours after the United States warned its Nigerian citizens of possible terror attacks in parts of the country.

The United States had said the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) was at high risk of attacks and that terrorists could target government buildings, places of worship, schools and markets.

Nor was there any other intelligence shared about the nature of the attack.

So far the action has been sentenced by the Nigerian federal government, which said it would not be ‘rammed’ by the security alerts and called the warning a ‘clickbait’.

In a statement released by EFF spokesperson Sinawo Thambo on Thursday, the party called on the US government not to panic South Africa and to share evidence of its claim of a possible terrorist attack.

“Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are calling on the US Embassy in South Africa to provide evidence of its allegations of a possible terrorist attack in Santon,” the statement read.

“US foreign missions are notorious for being information peddlers, embedded in international terrorist networks.

“It is also a historical fact that the United States invaded Iraq on the basis of faulty intelligence: this action alone triggered the greatest violation of human rights by any government since the Holocaust.

“As far as we know, CIA agents working with terrorist groups are the ones organizing the terrorist attack in order to destabilize our country. Alternatively, the claim seeks to impact international reputation and make our country a terrorist-infested country.

“This is not the first time the US Embassy in South Africa has issued such a warning regarding Sandton. Even then, they could never back it up with credible evidence.

“We dismiss these warnings as part of a self-made plot to destabilize our country and damage its reputation.

“If the United States is serious about protecting lives, it must openly cooperate with our agencies and share evidence of its claims.”