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Bulgaria’s former defense minister founded a new political party today – Novinite.com

Former acting Prime Minister and Defense Minister Stefan Yanev, now leader of “Bulgarian Rise”

The “Bulgarian Rise” to party from former Guardian Prime Minister and Defense Minister Stefan Yanev was officially installed in the capital and the initiative committee met today.

Ralitsa Simeonova, Professor Plamen Mollov and Dancho Bonchev are part of the hard core of the new political formation. A constitutive declaration will be adopted today, which will define the main principles and objectives of the formation.

Stefan Yanev told the founders that a new beginning was being established in Bulgarian politics with a to party who will be really close to the people and in permanent contact with civil society.

The national interest will be protected by concrete policies, independence and the search for balance in foreign policy. Yanev also told the founders that there is no system in Bulgaria which works normally:

Our country is today in a difficult situation – in the face of numerous crises, it can no longer count on people who cannot or do not want to face reality. We can no longer tolerate this political irresponsibility, this incompetence, this senseless adventurism that is bringing us down, because, let’s face it, we are facing another national catastrophe, and we are not even at war.”

New to party aims to defend the name of Bulgaria with dignity and to make a new start, marked by continuous development. The main cause is more justice, true democracy, sovereignty and national dignity.

Before the founding of the to party, Stefan Yanev wrote on social media that there is a tangible need in society for a new and authentic political formation that takes into account attitudes and hears the legitimate demands of civil society for more justice, predictability in governance, more responsibility, efficiency and compliance with the rules.

Stefan Yanev had been named Minister from Defense to the Prime Minister’s Office Minister Kiril Petkov, but was removed from office in March due to controversial actions and statements about the war in Ukraine. His stance in favor of Russia was seen as compromising Bulgaria as a member of NATO and the EU.

Stefan Yanev served as head of the defense ministry in Ognyan Gerdjikov’s cabinet in 2017, when he was also deputy prime minister.

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