Political party

CAN can launch a political party

As Nigeria heads towards the 2023 general elections, the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and some people seem to have turned into religious fanatics. I am sure that the use of religious or tribal sentiments has not benefited anyone and the country as a whole. Over the past seven years. The electoral pattern in the country, organized along ethnic and religious lines, has brought the country to the brink of a failed state, so to speak.

There has not been a time when the country has been polarized like now, as no one feels secure because of our collective failure to elect competent people to lead and propel the social, political and economic development of the country. The mistake of voting according to religious or tribal criteria has awakened the conscience of Nigerians to shun tribal and religious sentiments. Nigerians now resort to seeking Allah’s Guardian to vote. What are the benefits of voting for our current generation of leaders based on ethnic and religious criteria?

Today, the northern states and the country in general have turned into scared zones with bandits, kidnappers and terrorists killing, kidnapping and raping innocent unarmed civilians without any challenge from security agencies. It is difficult to juxtapose the constitutional and primary responsibility of government with the situation in the country under the watchful eyes of Mr. President and state governors given the situation in which dozens of people are being killed daily while hundreds others have abandoned their homes. Due to this bad vote, the country’s economy is in bad shape as the country has arrived at the current dreaded moment as the cost of servicing the debt has exceeded the federal government’s retained revenue by N310 billion in during the first four months of 2022. Total federal government revenue for the period was N1.63 trillion, while debt service gobbled up N1.94 trillion.

As the country heads towards general elections in 2023, Nigerians must learn to put the interests of the country ahead of our parochial, tribal, ethnic or religious interests because the country is for all of us. Since the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, voted for a Muslim-Muslim presidential ticket, there has been no end in sight to the public squabble over the ticket, despite the fact that the quarrel has nothing to do with the interest of Muslims or Christians but just political interest.

Why should religion be the criteria to determine who rules Nigeria? Why should the religion of presidential and vice-presidential candidates matter? And what does religion, in this case Christianity and Islam, have to do with a person’s ability and ability to effectively govern a country like Nigeria?

I mean, Nigeria is not just a country of Christians and Muslims. There are millions of Nigerians who do not identify with either Christianity or Islam. There are Nigerians who are atheists/humanists, traditional and religious. And like their fellow Christians and Muslims, they also have the right to participate in politics and governance. They have the right to vote and to be elected. Discussions over the Muslim-Muslim, Muslim-Christian, Christian-Christian, and Christian-Muslim tickets have made religion, especially Christianity and Islam, the main parameters for choosing the president and vice president.

For this reason, the CAN and its foot soldiers must know that neither noise nor intimidation can force the electorate to succumb to its ego and its selfish interest in political survival. Why should former federal government secretary Babachir Lawal and fellow travelers who fumbled over the Muslim-Muslim ticket feel aggrieved by the action and urge Christians to oppose the choice.

Babachir Lawal and his ilk across the country should remember that Nigerians are wiser now and will not allow religious fanaticism to add to our suffering as they swim in dollars and naira in their comfort zone. Moreover, these people are morally corrupt to speak on behalf of Christians. They do it for their own good, not for poor Christians and Christianity. For anyone to fight in the name of their religion, they must be morally upright, because religion is about righting wrongs.

ÇAN and other selfish groups should not allow political seekers to use religion as a tool to gain power and simply obtain personal gain from those in authority. CAN and other religious fanatics should understand that the Nigerian constitution guarantees every Nigerian freedom of religion. CAN should launch a Christian political party that will focus on partisan politics rather than making unnecessary noise.

Dukawa writes from Kano via [email protected]