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CEO Kiran Gitte calls all-party meeting ahead of polls; Deliberates On “Special Summary Revision-2023”

Agartala, 08 November 2022: The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Tripura, Kiran Gitte on Tuesday convened an all political party meeting at the Civil Secretariat where representatives of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, opposition Communist Party of India (Marxist) and the Indian National Congress were present. .

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the meeting, CEO Gitte highlighted the commencement of the “Special Summary Review-2023” from next November 9 and in this regard, the Election Commission of India has requested us to hold a meeting with the recognized political parties.

“This is the first time that we have made a presentation to all political parties. We noted all their points. We have assured that the process will be free and fair. I want to appeal to the people of Tripura who have not put their names on the list as of tomorrow,” he added.

Sharing the points discussed at the meeting, BJP Election Committee Leader Balai Goswami said, “For the 2023 elections, the discussion on the voter list has taken place. We raised questions about fake voters and in the 2018 election we identified around 37,000 fake voters. We asked the commission to conduct an investigation to remove the names of the fake voters. We also asked for a clear and clean voters list. Representatives of other political parties spoke about the law and order situation. They were reluctant to ask the Election Commission for clean, fresh voter lists. Their main objective was to divert attention from ECI.

Ratan Das, CPIM West Tripura District Secretary: After an invitation from the Election Commission of India, I came here for a multi-party meeting. From tomorrow, the revision of the electoral list will begin and on this subject, they asked for our suggestions. We have clearly mentioned that those who work to register names on the electoral lists are also attacked. Democracy is nowhere in this state. We informed the ECI. We demanded to organize security during the registration of the names of new voters and guarantees for electoral officials. We noticed that other political parties also echoed the same.

Former Congressman Asish Kumar Saha has alleged that part of the ruling party members are making tireless efforts to include the names of fake voters who cannot be entertained. “Nowadays, birth certificates and other certificates are available where the years of birth are clearly mentioned, so they have to register there and check everything. BLOs suffer from insecurity. We also demanded more deployment of paramilitary forces during all election-related work,” he added.

Asked about BRU voter registration, the CEO said that 100% BRU voter registration will be completed next month. “If they come to the rehabilitation camps to settle, we will enlist them. Now it is up to them to choose where they will rehabilitate and which camp to choose. Our duty is as soon as they are rehabilitated, in a few days we give them the land, the housing allowance, the RoR is updated. So we do it in real time,” he said.

Gitte also said the Electoral Commission wants 100% of registrations. “As the elections approach, we are asking people from BRU to come and register as soon as possible. After putting their date of birth into the software, their names will be automatically entered on the first day of April, July, October and January,” he also added.

The Chief Electoral Officer further said that the Election Commission of India has brought a new advanced opportunity where a link to fill in Form VI will be provided to the authority of each college. Special campaigns will be made for students who have completed 17, 18, 19, etc. years of their life course. We want 100% of new voters to be on the voters list.