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Chamisa talks about strategies to remove Mnangagwa – ZimEye

Chamisa talks about strategies to remove Mnangagwa

In contrast, CCC Chairman Nelson Chamisa said he was not being too soft on Zanu PF and was developing a strategy to legally remove Zanu PF from power.

Former ZANU PF youth league political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu, who now leads his own party, recently said Chamisa lacks the political clout to dislodge ZANU PF.

But speaking to reporters on Thursday at Chikurubi maximum security prison where he intended to visit jailed lawmakers Job Sikhala and Godfrey Sithole, as well as the “Nyatsime 14”, Chamisa said his party was aware that he was dealing with an oppressive system. He said:

Zimbabwe is a tough place, I’ve listened to people saying ‘no you’re soft’, we know what we’re dealing with.

These guys are very determined to go all the way to be very oppressive, but we are just as determined and I can tell you that the citizens are totally engaged and we are very clear about the change that is coming.

Chamisa claimed that ZANU PF resorted to violence because it was afraid of “imminent” defeat. He said:

We went to the campaign and there’s massive support, that’s why they’re freaking out. They know defeat is imminent.

You can’t be violent as long as you have support, you’re only violent when you’re about to leave. It is the character and conduct of the vanquished and the losers.

Zimbabwe is due to hold general elections in July or August 2023, but there has been an escalation in politically motivated violence across the country since the launch of the CCC earlier this year. | NewZimbabwe.com