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Duhaime is not fit to lead a political party, let alone Quebec, says Legault

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For the second time in two days, the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec, François Legault, launched a verbal attack on Friday against the conservative leader of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, blaming the latter’s opposition to the health rules imposed during the pandemic. of COVID-19 to disqualify him not only for the position of Prime Minister, but also that of party leader.

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But the target of the attack later suggested that “it smacks of panic” at the CAQ, which was “stirring the COVID stew” because it felt threatened by conservatives.

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During Thursday night’s leaders’ debate, Legault attacked Duhaime head-on, saying the Conservative leader’s opposition to the pandemic settlement showed he was unfit to be prime minister.

Speaking to reporters on Friday while campaigning in Laval, Legault said, “Taking advantage of some people’s distress to win votes makes no sense. This is not the kind of leader we want in Quebec.

Legault also compared Duhaime to former US President Donald Trump, although he didn’t explicitly mention Trump’s name.

“(Duhaime) reminds me of someone in the south who denies reality. … Name it, you know very well who I am talking about. … The Institut du Québec, for Éric Duhaime, is a conspiracy.

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Legault said Duhaime had failed in his responsibilities and the failure was worrying. The CAQ chief said Duhaime encouraged people to ignore guidance from public health officials.

Legault said he could understand why people would be tired of the regulations being imposed during the pandemic, but added he couldn’t understand why a political leader would take advantage of the situation.

So far, Legault has avoided paying too much attention to Duhaime, but his tone seems to have changed, perhaps due to the popularity of conservatives in the Quebec region, territory held by the CAQ.

Speaking to reporters, Duhaime did not address Legault’s allusion to Trump, but said he was “absolutely not” an agitator. The Conservative leader said that it is normal to bring the troops up.

Duhaime said Legault didn’t have a good night during the debate, did a poor job of defending his government’s record and was now looking for scapegoats.

“Mr. Legault will have to tolerate opinions different from his own.

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