Political campaigns

Effectv Recommends Political Campaigns Allocate 10 of Streaming Spend

Like other advertisers, political campaigns should spend a portion of their budget on streaming, recommends new research from Comcast Advertising’s Effectv unit.

While many studies suggest that the optimal allocation for product advertisers is around 40% streaming, Effectv says that with political spend, 10% to 20% is the right level. (Effectv says general advertisers should spend 20% to 30% on streaming.)

Historically, political candidates have focused on local broadcasting, but Effectv’s study found that more than half of households in the “frequent voter” category reached by streaming were additional to those reached by traditional TV, and that 9% of frequent voters could not be reached by streaming.

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“With midterms around the corner, advertisers need to figure out where they can maximize their budgets — across all mediums — and allocate funding accordingly,” said Dan Sinagoga, political sales manager at Effectv. “Balance is needed now more than ever, with political ad spend set to reach a record $9 billion this season, so it’s critical that advertisers plan and optimize campaigns holistically across all screens to achieve the audience, regardless of how they consume television content”.

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Streaming appears to be particularly effective at reaching people who are in “low news watcher” households, Effectv found.

In order to reach voters’ possible broadcast spectrum, Effectv said TV and streaming work best together. And while traditional television remains the backbone of most political campaigns, streaming is increasingly important in helping reach the most likely voters.

“Viewership numbers are changing before our eyes and political advertisers need to adapt to this new reality,” Sinagoga added. “Relying on ‘old watches’ like local news is no longer enough. Streaming is an essential part of political advertising, and we’re seeing greater success among advertisers who take a multi-screen approach, using streaming as a strong complement to linear TV. ■