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Ensure farmers are mentioned in the political party’s exciting platform

Jthere must be a serious need for farmers to know what will benefit them before voting according to the prescribed voting practices due to the various deep-rooted problems of peasants and farmers from the right-wing note of the political party n’ having no clear manifesto or that they are not well defined on what they should gain by getting their votes to be cast.

The political force of the right is rooted in the agrarian community.

Politicians who can address these issues head-on will be paid and popular to be drawn to office. Politicians have observed that underserved agricultural areas underestimate their electoral power, although they constitute a large part of the population and could easily vote and win.

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Farmers and the Right to Vote in Farming Communities

Most of the time, it is the farmers who till the land to produce food for the masses, but currently some politicians are not thinking about their rights. It is time for the majority of farming communities to start standing up for their rights and demanding leaders who will focus on the development of agricultural sectors so that their lives will improve and they can contribute.

Preaching farmers with the right messages, while there are many campaign messages aimed at the development of the country, I have never noticed anyone insisting on why farmers should improve the standards of their farming practices , which will greatly benefit them, such as the various agricultural input supplies and the latest transfer of agricultural technology that will increase food production in the communities.

Michael Adedotun Oke writes from Gwagwalada, FCT