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Interactive: Find out which political campaigns CEOs donate to

By Katie Marriner

Use MarketWatch’s interactive to see where S&P 500 business leaders are putting their money

MarketWatch analyzed documents filed by the Federal Election Commission to find out where CEOs are giving their money and which campaigns are getting the most from those CEOs in the 2022 midterm elections.

Now we are releasing the data behind our analysis which will be updated through Election Day as the FEC continues to process deposits from individuals. Search for a CEO or company to see a detailed list of FEC-held records that MarketWatch has connected to that person.

The way the FEC details donations does not screen donations made through conduits. This means that a person’s name can be associated with the same donation twice – once as a conduit donation and once as a campaign donation. In analyzing our counts, we filtered out donations to ActBlue and WinRed, the online platforms that Democrats and Republicans, respectively, use to raise funds, because they most often serve as conduits and go unscreened. using the standard FEC search.

Thanks to our interactivity, you can get an idea of ​​the data yourself. Below, you can see line by line who the CEOs of the most influential companies donate to and which individual donation was the largest. Keep in mind that there may be multiple donations for the same transaction — the conduit donation and the planned campaign donation — so we’re not including the total individual donations here.

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-Katie Marriner


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