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“We are not Americans. We will die as Hawaiians; we will never be Americans.

Haunani-Kay Trask, an activist scholar, shouted this to the world in 1993 on the centennial of the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom.

This must be heard now and understood. Hawaii – illegally occupied territory – and the people/kanaka – displaced from their homeland – are what define the Hawaiian reality today.

Many do not identify as American.

What is restoration day? On July 31, 1843, sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom was returned to Britain after three years of diplomacy.

King Kamehameha III, following the return, declared this date as the first national holiday.

Hawaii has never relinquished its sovereignty.

People who transplant here and invest in Hawaii have no idea where they are.

They come with an American flag and an upright attitude. There is a lot of outside money greedily buying “immovable” as if you were investing in the stock market. They displace families every day, causing crises.

People moving and living here have voted in record numbers for Trump and are fielding candidates for office across the state.

Paid money from off-island developers, real estate, investors and donations floods political campaigns. Reviews whose campaign appears to be well funded with radio and TV ads; Follow the money.

Walking around seeing more American flags informs me that we are in more and more trouble.

Remember where you are: the Hawaiian nation. Find out.

Celebrate Restoration Day, July 31. Dig and aloha aina.

sierra knight


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