Political party

It’s prostitution to jump from one political party to another – Bishop

Anglican Bishop of Evo Diocese in Rivers State, Rt. Rev. Innocent Ordu has called political prostitution how politicians jump from one political party to another in Nigeria.

This is how he reprimanded Christians who engage in fanning the embers of disunity in their various communities by getting involved in leadership disputes.

Ordu spoke yesterday at the fifth Synod of the Diocese of Evo (Anglican Communion) held at Saint Michael’s Anglican Church, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt.
The bishop advised politicians to stay in a political party, build it and avoid jumping from one party to another.

He said, “Stay in one place and build your political party. Stop jumping from one political party to another. I see these defections here and there as political prostitution.
Ordu said it was wrong for a Christian who receives and professes Christ to be involved in leadership disputes in their various communities.
He said: “Most of you are internationally connected and there are unused funds somewhere. You can help the church obtain such funds to help our schools.
You cannot be in church taking communion and shouting Amen, but you are entangled in the crisis of leadership in your communities.