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It’s time for a common sense political party

It is unfortunate that there is no political party called the “Common Sense Party”, whose members have rid themselves of the absurdly extreme attitudes of a small number of current Republicans and Democrats. As things stand, the voices of moderates in each of the major parties are mostly drowned out by the few vocal, persistent and often crazed extremists. Of course, most media hype up extremists to get their audience’s attention even though most voters are quite moderate in their beliefs.

Today’s topic is abortion. Many GOP-led states are now passing laws that ban it entirely, even though a majority of Republican voters think it goes too far. For example, many believe that exceptions should be made for victims of rape and incest. And some Democrats resent the abortion

should be prohibited after 15 weeks of pregnancy unless going to term would endanger the life of the mother. Yet many lawmakers on both sides vote without regard to the moderate views of their constituents.

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School choice is another contentious issue. While everyone seems to agree that parents should have a choice of which school their children can attend, most agree that taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay tuition for students who attend schools that provide education nuns. How many Republicans, for example, want to financially support schools that teach the Islamic religion? Yet many seem perfectly willing to support schools that teach Christian religions. This is not common sense, so the only sensible answer is for religious schools to be self-sufficient. Parents who want their children to receive religious education can do so themselves, pay school fees, or send them to Sunday schools.

Then there is gun control and the lies coming from extremists on both sides. First, most Democrats don’t believe guns should be abolished. Many Democrats own guns, go hunting, and have them for home protection. They just want limits on who should be allowed to buy them. It would seem that everyone should approve background checks before anyone is allowed to buy one, and common sense laws that allow citizens to report people who may be committing crimes with a gun. Even most Republicans support these limits, but you would never know by watching the news.

Since the COVID pandemic, even the subject of vaccines has become a political issue. Crazy conspiracy theories have come to light, like the one that claimed Microsoft’s Bill Gates was injecting people with microchips that he somehow put in vaccines. This crazy theory and others have kept some people from

opened them up to infectious disease and allowed them to pass it on to others. Some companies have required their employees to be vaccinated because they believe vaccines prevent hospitalization and death, and preventing these outcomes saves employers money. And, of course, some refused to

wearing masks even though masks have also prevented the spread of disease and saved many lives.

Immigration is another contentious issue, although there is no reason why it should be. No one wants open borders and no one in power that I know of has ever fought for them. At the same time, almost everyone recognizes that we need immigrants to fill jobs that many Americans refuse to do. Go to any food processing plant, large dairy, or most factories and you will find that many, if not most, of the workers are immigrants. In fact, unless we are Native Americans, we are all descendants of immigrants who came here for a better life. Immigrants add cultural diversity and interest to our country and bring talents and skills that we would miss if they had left. The problem is that we need enough people and courts to process immigration applications and ensure that only those who come with good intentions are allowed to enter and stay here.

Climate change is another issue that for some reason divides the parties. Although every reliable climatologist has determined that damaging climate change is real and results from greenhouse gases forming a shield around the Earth that prevents heat from escaping, many Republicans dispute the evidence and the reasoning. We know why many Republican lawmakers take issue with it — because many of their big donors represent greenhouse gas producers like gas and oil companies. In other words, the campaign coffers of these lawmakers are more important to them than the fate of the Earth and everything on it.

contentious issues between the parties, including attitudes about former President Donald Trump and whether he is qualified to run for office again. I wish he would. Then he would see how badly he would be beaten in a primary by a sane Republican, or in the general election by anyone with a heartbeat. Sure, he’d still say the election was stolen, but then there’s no redress

Nash lives in Baraboo: patnash5149@gmail.com.