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Lacey plans to expand neighborhood grant program

By JC Medina

Lacey’s General Government and Public Safety Committee will recommend that the City Council expand its Neighborhood Grant Program (NGP) beyond Homeowners Associations (HOAs) to include informal neighborhood groups.

Lacey’s community relations specialist, Jenny Bauersfeld, said the NGP has been successful over the years and interest in the program has grown rapidly.

“We really want to try to reach more neighborhoods and create this relationship,” Bauersfeld said at the committee meeting yesterday. “And that they feel a sense of pride in their neighborhood.”

Bauersfeld noted that at a Feb. 7 meeting, council members expressed interest in potentially expanding the NGP to include informal neighborhood groups.

If the council approves the expansion, recognized HOAs or informal settlements within the city limits can submit project proposals. Informal settlements must have a project team of at least five unrelated members who live in a neighborhood and accept responsibility for the project.

Based on the proposed guidelines, projects must have documented neighborhood or HOA support and have a measurable outcome that provides a public benefit to the community.

Projects on an individual’s private property and projects for for-profit groups or religious or political groups will not be eligible for the grant program.

“We also don’t want to finance real estate projects of individual owners, so we will be very careful about that,” Bauersfeld said.