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Lough Erne Resort ‘is unaware of the political party in question’

A five-star luxury hotel in Fermanagh which has hosted the National Party on three occasions ‘was not aware of the political party in question’.

Lough Erne Resort on the outskirts of Enniskillen – which previously hosted the G8 conference in 2013 and an Anglo-Irish Council meeting in 2021 – hosted the National Party’s Ard Fheis last weekend. Before the Ard Fheis, a fight broke out involving protesters.

In a statement on Tuesday, the National Party said it had already held an event at the hotel. A spokesperson said: ‘This is not the first time we have used this venue and prior to this event, as with National Party events across Ireland, it has gone off without any negative incidents of any kind. so.”

The National Party, based in the Republic of Ireland, was founded in 2016. It is a nationalist and anti-immigration party that has also campaigned against abortion and Covid-19 restrictions.

Asked by The Impartial Reporter how many times the National Party has used the hotel’s facilities, a spokesperson for Lough Erne Resort said: ‘Lough Erne Resort has hosted many private functions over the years, including gatherings of world leaders, politicians, councils. , and the police. Among the thousands of private bookings at the Resort, nothing like this isolated, unsavory and unprecedented incident, which occurred on Sunday November 13, has never happened before.

“The Resort totally condemns all types of bullying and all forms of extremism, whether motivated by politics, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity – or any other portrayal of extremism The Resort has always accepted bookings in good faith.

“Security checks”

They continued: “As usual, the resort is working closely with the relevant authorities for any event requiring external security checks guided by the police or Garda. There was no prior requirement from any authority regarding this booking.

“The conference organizer who made this booking has used the resort facilities twice since 2016 without controversy. Our team was unaware of the political party in question and therefore did not foresee any issues with the reservation.

Hitting criticism of the event, a spokesperson said: “The Resort also wishes to express its disappointment at the hurtful online abuse by extremists directed against our Resort and hardworking and valued staff regarding this isolated event which is not unjustified and extremely painful for many at the Resort.

In a press release earlier this week, a spokesperson for Lough Erne Resort also said: ‘The health and safety of our staff and guests, and the experience of our guests, is paramount, and we will therefore be increasing our levels of due diligence in relation to private conference bookings in the future.

“We would like to reiterate our sincere gratitude to the emergency services for their prompt assistance, and would like to assure all guests that all is business as usual at the resort.”

It is understood that demonstrators who describe themselves as ‘anti-fascists’ protested the event, and an altercation then broke out.

Six people were injured and four people hospitalized. Following the incident, Ard Fheis of the National Party posted photos and excerpts of it uploaded to social media.

Regarding the event, a PSNI spokesperson said: “Police received a report of an altercation in the Lough Shore Road area of ​​Enniskillen shortly after 1pm on Sunday 13th November.

Inspector Taylor said: ‘It has been reported that a conference, which was being held in the area, was interrupted by protesters and an altercation broke out.

“The officers were present and calm was restored shortly after.

“Two people were treated at the scene for their injuries and five others were hospitalized with injuries that are not considered life-threatening at this time.”