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Malta Youth Council to organize debates on abortion and political party stations

The National Youth Council of Malta (KNŻ) will hold its annual debate and this year’s discussion topics are extremely topical: abortion and political party stations.

“These topics are timely and need to be discussed now,” KNŻ National Officer Bradley Cachia said quickly.

The National Youth Parliament 2022 has been launched to give young people on the island a voice and a platform to discuss current issues in Malta’s highest representative body, while debating practical changes with MPs .

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Cachia explained that since these topics are so relevant yet often swept under the rug, it is important that the National Youth Parliament has the opportunity to discuss, propose and table resolutions.

“After the opening of constitutional proceedings (by Lovin Malta) against One and Net, the question of whether or not Malta should have party-owned media stations seems to have faded,” he said. .

“This is our way of re-illuminating this debate.”

The Lovin Malta lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of a specific provision in the Broadcasting Act that allows party stations to be biased in news and current affairs reporting in violation of the constitution.

A website, Kaxxaturi.com, has also been set up to explain the details of the case and why Lovin Malta decided to open it in the first place.

By contrast, when it comes to abortion, Cachia explained that general discussions dangerously oversimplify the issue.

“When it comes to abortion, we often see unhealthy discussions taking place on social media and beyond, which greatly simplifies the matter.”

“That’s why we want to provide a moderated space where it can be discussed and explored freely, without fear of judgment,” he continued.

The debates will be divided according to age and there will be people representing those who are for and those who are against the question under consideration.

“Young people aged 13 to 17 will discuss party-owned media stations, while young people aged 18 to 30 will discuss abortion.”

He further explained that this year they decided to change things up a bit.

“This is an exercise in which opposing opinions will be debated by the young people who shape the present and the future of this country. This system contrasts with that of previous years, in which various subjects were discussed.

“We thought it was time for a change in that regard, and therefore decided to focus only on those two issues, which are both very relevant at the moment.”

In general, the event aims to shed light on commonly avoided topics, to help develop participants’ political skills such as; public speaking; debate and; drafting policies and bringing new ideas into the national and political debate.

The debate will take place on September 27 at 9 a.m.

Click here for more information, and here if you’re a young person with important opinions you want to share.

Will you participate in the National Youth Parliament 2022?

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