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Minister and political party linked to bribery case in conduct theory tests as three Maltese men charged

A government minister has been linked to a corruption case in which three Transport Malta officials were accused of helping people cheat on their driving theory test.

Clint Mansueto, Raul Antonio Pace and local councilor Philip Edrick Zammit were charged in court earlier today.

Mansueto allegedly claimed during his interrogation that he had been “pressured” to meet someone while “working in a villa belonging to a government minister”.

His discussions reportedly revealed ties to a political party that told them which candidates had to pass their test.

Neither the political party nor the minister were named in court.

The case mainly concerns foreigners who spoke neither Maltese nor English. A translator assigned to them gave them the correct answers when they took their test. The candidates were however Pakistani, Albanian and Maltese.

The investigation dates back to 2020. Payments were allegedly made in cash and a diary from Mansueto contains several names, identification numbers and dates of related driving tests.

A former superior, Daniel Gouder, was also allegedly implicated in the case.

Lawyers Arthur Azzopardi and Jacob Magri assist Mansueto. Joe Giglio, PN MP and home affairs spokesman, represents Pace. Lawyer Herman Mula assists Zammit.

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