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Municipal elections 2022: independents say they are “not a political party”

INVERCLYDE’s newly elected independent councilors insisted they were not a political party and would vote according to their conscience – despite all wearing identical black and white rosettes.

Lynne Quinn (Inverclyde West), Drew McKenzie (Inverclyde East Central) and Tommy McVey (Inverclyde South) have all been re-elected for a second term in municipal buildings.

Mr McKenzie succeeded in the Single Transferable Vote system despite casting far fewer votes – 543 – compared to the 633 ballot papers supporting incumbent SNP man Jim MacLeod.

Councilor Quinn said: “People struggle with the concept that three people can get together, without a leader, and talk about anything and try to come to a consensus.

“If we listen to others, we can do what is best for our communities.

“And if we can’t come to a consensus, we vote with our conscience, and that’s what really works.”

Turning to the overall outcome of the election, with nine seats for Labour, eight for the SNP and two for the Conservatives, she hinted that the independents could hold the balance of power.

Cllr Quinn said: “Clearly no one can take overall control of the council and there will have to be a minority-led administration.

“We are not a party and we are not aligned with any party.

“We make decisions based on what the community tells us to do.

“But clearly the parties have to talk to the independents.

“Labour has the right to try to form a minority administration, but they will have to talk to us.”