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Mustapha’s campaign organization rejects disqualification –

The Abdul-Ahmed Olorunfemi Mustapha Campaign Organization has rejected the disqualification of former Permanent Secretary, Abdul-Ahmed Olorunfemi Mustapha, from the Lagos State Governor’s Primary of the All Progressives Congress.

The campaign organization said the disqualification did not follow due process and remained an attack on Mustapha’s basic human rights to vote and be elected.

The organization, in a press release signed Thursday by the head of media and communications, Daniel Ajibade, said it was worrying that there was no official communication regarding the alleged disqualification of Mustapha and that it is more shocking for the aspirant to learn the development. at the primary school.

He said his manager was turned away at the Mobolaji Johnson Sports Arena, the venue for the primary after officials told him he could not be accredited because he had not been cleared by the selection committee of PCA for exercise.

The campaign organization said Mustapha underwent the screening in Abuja and for more than two weeks the result of the exercise was not communicated to the aspirant only for him to learn of the disturbing development on the location of the primary.

The group alleged that the disqualification was orchestrated by the side of one of the aspirants who fear Mustapha, but said: “This subversion of the rule of law and subjugation of the will of the people must not not be allowed”.

“The Abdul-Ahmed Campaign Organization vehemently condemns this unconstitutional act. We don’t think that’s the right way to do politics; Mustapha has the right to run for Governor in Lagos as guaranteed by law and any attempt to deny him that right should be seen as an affront to Nigeria’s constitution.

“Mustapha has gone through all the processes required by the party rules and the constitution of this country. To the best of his abilities, he meets the requirements set out in the guidelines, but if the selection committee felt that there were areas in which he was deemed insufficient, which would not give him the clean bill of health, we believe that this should also be properly communicated to him and for every Nigerian and Lagosian to know instead of hiding everything in secret.

The campaign organization called for the drill conducted at the Mobolaji Johnson Arena on Thursday to be called off, saying the outcome does not reflect the will of the majority of APC members in the state.

“We therefore call on the leadership of our great party to reverse this anomaly; we call for a new primary that will allow all aspirants to exercise their right and enthrone the will of the people and that of the vast majority of APC members in the state,” the organization said.