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Nathan Meyer will put you first – not a political party’s ideology

Nathan Meyer, candidate for Wellington City Council election in 2022 for Motukairangi/Eastern General Ward, says if elected he will represent you because he is a truly independent candidate.

Meyer says, “I’m not ‘endorsed’ by any political party and I won’t have to toe the party line, which means I can put your interests first.

“Unlike some local candidates, I didn’t have to sign a contract stipulating that the party would have the final say on my vote.

“Candidates who run on a political party ticket receive significant party support to help them campaign, and are both obligated and committed to repaying that support by putting their party’s policy ahead of the community for which they are elected.”

Meyer also says that some so-called independent candidates have previously had political affiliations and are active party members.

“If elected, I undertake to listen to you and to favor your interests and not a political party or an ideology.

“The Cobham Drive crosswalk is a great example of elected officials choosing to ignore the community who overwhelmingly rejected the construction of a crosswalk on the main road to Miramar and Wellington International Airport. .

“Despite this opposition and a preference for an overpass or tunnel under State Highway 1. Instead, construction of the new crossing is underway, and we can expect more congestion, inconvenience, emissions and costs. Let’s Get Wellington Moving is an expensive, ideologically driven oxymoron.

“I would work to ensure that we create a corridor to the east that allows all forms of traffic to move; public transport and cars, and that the Cobham Drive pedestrian crossing, if completed, be replaced by an overpass or underpass.

What I represent:

  • Focus on controlling rates and reviewing all expenses to avoid wasting money or resources.
  • Wellington needs to move on and now is not the time for any other big ‘nice to have’ plans.
  • Spending on basic municipal services with an emphasis on repairing infrastructure.
  • Create an open and approachable board that has a positive attitude and how can we help.
  • Transport options for everyone – walking, cycling, public transport and cars all have their place in our city.

About me

I’ve lived in Wellington all my life (in the eastern suburbs for over 20 years) and have a hospitality background. In 2004 I started Carrello del Gelato, which I grew into a business selling throughout New Zealand and exporting to Singapore. Having sold this business earlier this year, I now have the opportunity and the time to introduce myself to the Board.

I served for six years on the Central School Board of Miramar, where I was in charge of the real estate and financial portfolios. One of the highlights was organizing the funding and construction of the school’s bike path.

I was recently re-elected Chairman of Body Corporate, in charge of an industrial site in Rongotai.

Authorized by Nathan Meyer – meyerwellington@gmail.com

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