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New guide tracks evidence on strategies for dealing with pain in labor

HENCI GOER | Birth Options Expert, Author, and Educator

Take charge of your Birth Series |  Painful labor: what is your best strategy?  |  Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback

Labor Pain: What’s your best strategy?” available now on Amazon.

The carefully researched new version of Henci Goer

I remember trying to push flat on my back and pleading that if I could just sit more, I could push harder. I was ignored.

—Henci Goer

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Although the issue of reproductive rights is at the forefront of policy debate, informed consent to labor pain management remains largely overlooked as a dimension of reproductive freedom. Aside from the widely prescribed epidural option, few expectant parents have the ability to make a fully educated and informed decision on how to approach labor pain.

Henci Goer, birth options expert, talks about her own experience dealing with labor pain: “I was persuaded to get an opioid injection for pain even though my Lamaze techniques were working for me and I didn’t feel the need for painkillers. …. I remember trying to push flat on my back and pleading that if I could just sit more, I could push harder. I was ignored.

Goer is one of many birth professionals who challenge standard approaches to labor pain. She has taken center stage with her new book, “Painful labor: what is your best strategy?“, which launched on Amazon as the #1 new release in the pregnancy category. The book offers expectant parents thoroughly researched information, delivered in a refreshing, clear, and personal style. “I want you to learn in a way simple what I learned the hard way,” Goer writes, “I don’t want you to find yourself thinking later, ‘I never knew that was an option. If I had done it, I would have done it.’

Countless pregnancy books tell you what to expect during childbirth. “Pain at work: what’s your best strategy?” sets itself apart by providing expectant parents with step-by-step descriptions of five pain management options, empowering them to actively engage in their birthing process. The author shares knowledge gained through both research and experience, displaying the knowledge of an expert and the candor of a parent.

Goer not only provides the information needed to choose among the options, she also offers practical strategies for developing a plan and implementing it, and in some chapters she presents a deep dive for readers interested in understanding. every detail.

“Labor Pain: What’s Your Best Strategy?” marks the start of Goer’s Take Charge of Your Birth series, which aims to give agency back to expectant parents through the birthing process. The book was released as an audiobook and hardcover on August 29, following two other books on childbirth by Henci Goer: “Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach” and “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth”.


Henci Goer, birthing options expert, author, and educator, has worked in the field of maternity care reform for more than 40 years. She has published three books, as well as numerous pamphlets and articles for scholars, professionals and expectant parents. Her second book, “Optimal Care in Childbirth: The Case for a Physiologic Approach,” won Best Book of the Year from the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

For more information, visit HenciGoer.com or contact Henci by email at info@hencigoer.com. Follow Henci on Facebook on facebook.com/takechargeofyourbirth and Instagram on @takechargeofyourbirth.

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