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New Roadmap Outlines 16 Strategies to Reduce Violent Crime in DC

A data-driven report outlines 16 short- and long-term strategies to reduce violent crime.

A data driven report published by DC’s Independent Criminal Justice Coordinating Council outlines 16 short- and long-term strategies to reduce violent crime.

This includes the establishment of a “peace room” which would have full-time data and crime analysts, violence reduction officers and designated liaison officers from various government agencies to review and respond to firefights in real time.

In addition to the police response, the team would dispatch awareness and violence interrupters to the scene. The report’s authors suggest that the number of violence response workers in the city should also be increased.

The report also recommends weekly reviews of shootings in the district to “enhance and increase intelligence gathering by law enforcement, help identify individuals and groups who should be the focus of special law enforcement attention. from law enforcement, as well as directing them towards intensive community interventions”.

The “Armed Violence Reduction Strategic Plan” also emphasizes community transformation, including a guaranteed income pilot program to reduce poverty as well as extensive burn reduction.

The city has already implemented a number of violence prevention programs, including Building Blocks DC, which focuses on areas of the city where the most gun violence occurs, and the Course programwhich helps ex-offenders find work.

“The district is unique in that it is one of the few cities in the country with the talent, capacity and resources to significantly reduce gun violence in the city,” the report said. “However, it lacks the political commitment, coordination and a coherent strategy to reduce armed violence.”

Last year, the city recorded the highest number of homicides in 17 years. At least 226 people were killed.

The goal of the roadmap is to reduce the number of homicides, non-fatal shootings and armed robberies by 10% compared to the previous year.

WTOP contacted the mayor’s office to comment on the report and did not immediately respond.

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