Political party

Newton says no councilor will serve under new political party

Councilors from the Newton Says No (NSN) group will now serve under the new name of South Devon Alliance.

The name has been registered with the Electoral Commission as a political party, and its councilors have said they will contest local elections next year under this new banner.

NSN Group leader Liam Mullone said: ‘We have been in contact with groups across South Devon who are fighting battles similar to the one we have been fighting in Newton Abbot for the past three years – battles for wildlife, fresh air and transparency.

“They all need to be represented. For years, blues and yellows have been united in their rejection of ordinary people’s concerns, and it’s time for a new local party to disrupt that seam.

“The new name will reflect that this is a cause worth fighting for for the whole of South Devon.”

Cllr Richard Daws said: “NSN will remain a campaign group. But we are joining forces with like-minded independents in the South Devon Alliance, which will not be beholden to national party lines and can therefore act in the best interests of those it represents.

“We will challenge the shameful mindset of domestic developers, speak out against wrongdoing and continue the fight to protect our precious natural environment.”

Also joining the group is former Independent Councilor Adrian Patch, whose victory in Haytor Ward in 2019 saw then Conservative leader Jeremy Christophers.

Cllr Patch said: ‘Now is the time for a new local party to challenge the establishment of Teignbridge.

“I’ve worked successfully and effectively with these guys since 2019, and it’s only right that we join forces now. That’s what the people of Teignbridge deserve.

Campaign group Newton Says No shot to fame in 2018 when its website began baiting local councilors who it claimed were taking down Newton Abbot at the behest of developers. The following year, three of them were elected to the district council.

Cllr Mullone added: “We are speaking to impartial advisers of all colors who are fed up with the way things have been done, and to many interested members of the public. We plan to grow and present a very strong challenge at the polls next year.