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No political party in Odisha can challenge Naveen’s leadership: Badri Patra

Bhubaneswar: Senior BJD official and Ghasipura MP Badri Narayan Patra said on Saturday that no political party in Odisha is capable of challenging the leadership of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who works wholeheartedly for the development of all layers of society, especially women.

“No political party in Odisha has the capacity to counter Naveen Patnaik and challenge his leadership. I don’t believe any party in the state will be able to gain the ability to compete with him in the future,” the former minister told reporters.

Affirming that Naveen has worked for the development of all sections, Patra said the state government under her leadership has always given importance to the advancement and welfare of women especially through Mission Shakti.

Women across the state are benefiting immensely from a number of programs implemented under this program, the BJD lawmaker said, adding that the measures taken by the state government have ensured empowerment economics of women.

“The women of the state are now not only able to manage household affairs, but they also take leadership in a host of other activities,” he said.

Hitting opposition parties, the BJD leader said no other political party places such importance on women.

To a question, he said that it is the job of the opposition parties to oppose, but that the government continues to work for the development of the state and its people.