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ODOT, Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization working together on new plans to improve Bend’s busy roads

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — “Perfect” roads do exist, but only when first built.

That’s why busy roads, especially those like Reed Market Road and US Highway 20, are constantly being improved. Despite the projects introduced, completed and some yet to break through the US 97 Bend Parkway Map and the Bend Transportation System Mapothers may be on the way.

“A lot of roads are perfect when they open,” ODOT planner Rick Williams said Wednesday. “Bend has grown so quickly that we always have to make adjustments to the routes.”

ODOT and Bend MPO are in the process of hiring a firm of transportation research engineers to analyze and research improvements along US Highway 20 and Reed Market Rd.

The US 20 Refinement Plan could add projects to the boardwalk plan, while the Reed Market Road Operations and Safety Study could add improvements to one of Bend’s busiest roads.

Some improvements along Reed Market could change access to businesses, install a median strip to reduce turns in some areas, and add self-contained turning lanes at the Reed Market-Third Street intersection.

“You could have both directions of travel at the same time,” Williams said, referring to improvements at the Reed Market-Third Street intersection. We want to improve the queue, so traffic doesn’t have to wait so long.

Highway 20 near Pilot Butte is a bit more unique. On part of the highway there are small businesses with driveways and then Pilot Butte with apartments nearby – and the further east you go the more growth you see.

“National highways in urban areas are always a balancing act,” Williams said. “Highway 20 likely started as a two-lane city street and was taken over by ODOT at some point and then widened to four and five lanes. Neighborhood dynamics change over time.”

Specific improvements in each plan and study are still about a year away. The US Refinement Plan 20 timeline is approximately 12 to 15 months, while the Reed Market Road Safety and Operations Study timeline is eight months. Then, transportation officials will meet to discuss which project is best suited for each area.