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Once known as the kingmaker political party, Congress is having the worst time in J&K history

This should continue until Azad wraps up his visit to J&K on September 12. He arrives in Jammu on September 4, where his followers are planning a mega rally, followed by similar rallies later in Doda and Srinagar.

As Azad’s lobby in Congress was very strong and broad, their departure further weakened the party. New JKPCC leader Vikar Rasool Wani said anyone who wants to leave can leave.

“We will rebuild our party by advancing the second-line leadership,” he said. Rajani Patil, the Indian Congress committee responsible for J&K, said: “Azad’s resignation and the new party are part of a larger conspiracy, which will be exposed over time.” Azad sahab makes baseless allegations. As decisions in Congress are made by Rahul Gandhi sahab security guards and PAs. Was Azad sahab also appointed leader of the opposition in Rajya Sabha by the security guards,” she asked.

As large-scale resignations occur in Congress, other political parties are also watching developments closely.

There is some panic among the parties regarding a possible exit of some of their leaders to join Azad.

All parties await J&K visit from Azad. According to reports, some leaders of other parties, including leaders, may leave to join Azad’s party. The situation will become clear during Azad’s visit.