Political strategies

Pawan’s charisma intertwines with BJP’s political strategies

Hung is expected to come to the next PA election. Only then will the first Kamalam party come to power with the Jana Sena. Taking this as the first option, the bjp’s central management defined a master strategy. If there’s a three-way contest in the elections to be held in AP in 2024, there’s definitely a chance of a hangover.

On the one hand, ycp is the ruling party. On the other hand, tdp has four decades of experience. And bjp will form an alliance with Janasena. The BJP which is in power in the center is working with all its energies on the PA. If amit shah can, Modi will also come more often and campaign on behalf of the alliance. Then the triangle fight in ap is sure to go fiercely. The alliance will announce Chief Etoo janasena as the CM candidate and move forward. With this, a strong social class will polarize the votes. Also, it is estimated that this alliance will obtain thirty to forty seats even if new votes are given in other groups. They set a goal to make it happen.

If that happens, no party will get 88 seats, which is enough for the magic number. Then Hung performs. Once there is a blockage in the ap, a new political drama like karnataka will start. Even if ycp tdp got more seats, the political pressures will increase on these parties in all sorts of ways. Ultimately, it is calculated that the Sena-BJP alliance will have a chance to form for the first time in AP. The bjp keeping pawan kalyan on its side is said to be among the political moves made at delhi level on a very large scale. If Pawan’s charisma is mixed with the BJP’s political strategies and experiences, they calculate that power will come and go on a golden platter.