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Petition to publish criminal cases of candidates on political party sites: Total Commission to approach – Dinamani News WAALI

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a plea seeking an order requiring political parties to post details of criminal cases against their candidates on their websites. The Supreme Court ordered the petitioner to apply to the Election Commission in this regard.

Already, according to the Supreme Court’s instructions that ongoing criminal cases, ownership details, etc. must be filed in the nomination form, it is mandatory to submit this information at the time of nomination.

In this case, in a petition filed on behalf of lawyer Ashwini Kumar Upadhyaya, political parties should report criminal cases against their candidates on their websites. Also urge the Electoral Commission to direct it to inform about ongoing criminal proceedings against their candidates in print, visual and social media. It was asked to warn that if this is violated, a contempt of court case will be filed against the leaders of the political parties concerned.

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In addition, Naheed Hasan, a person with a criminal background, was suspended from the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly polls on behalf of the Samajwadi party. Even though there are several criminal cases against him, the Samajwadi party has not published him in any media. Therefore, the petition also called for the cancellation of the party’s recognition.

The session comprised of Supreme Court Justices SK Kaul and SK Oka, which considered this motion, said, “The Supreme Court is not a place to answer your requests. It seems that the purpose of this petition is not correct. It appears to be repeating instructions already given by the Supreme Court. Petitioners can approach the Electoral Commission in this regard” and dismissed the petition.

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