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Political party financing law to be revised soon: IEC – SABC News

The Electoral Commission (CEI) indicates that the law on the financing of political parties will soon be revised. This follows the adoption of the Electoral Amendment Bill by the National Assembly last week.

The bill allows individuals to stand for election at the national and provincial levels and will now be debated in the National Council of Provinces before being sent to President Cyril Ramaphosa for approval.

IEC Political Party Funding Officer George Mahlangu said the Political Party Funding Act will need to be amended to accommodate the new dispensation.

“Now that independents are going to have seats there, this law must be changed, it is inevitable by 2024 that the law on the financing of political parties will have been modified so that independents who sit in the National Assembly and in the legislatures provincial are funded. So I suspect that the thresholds will be changed during this process of changing political party financing”

The Law on the financing of political parties came into force last April. It prescribes minimum and maximum thresholds that parties can receive from an individual donor. It also aims to provide transparency as to who donates to different political parties.

VIDEO | Adoption of the discussion on the electoral amendment bill