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Political party investigates logging permits at eThekwini

The Municipality of eThekwini has posted via their Facebook page that you will need to request special permission if you wish to slaughter an animal for religious or traditional reasons.

According to the eThekwini Municipality Facebook post (which has now been deleted), the form is online and it takes seven working days for the permit to be issued. The message also went on to say that the application procedure does not only apply to suburban residents.

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This would apply to all areas under the jurisdiction of eThekwini Municipality.

The message outlined the procedures people should have followed to submit a request for a felling permit. This includes contacting their respective local Environmental Health Services office to obtain an application form.

All this did not please the people too much, even less the political parties. Thulisa Ndlela, regional secretary of the ANC Youth League at eThekwini, had assured that as an organization they opposed the case.

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“For our people to ask for permission to practice their constitutionally protected culture is not fair at all. not be approved,” Ndlela said.

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