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Political party organizer back at USU trying to be tied to students – Cache Valley Daily

Ryan Smith chats with KVNU For the People host Jason Williams

LOGAN — It’s been inactive for a while, but one individual is revitalizing the USU College Republican group ahead of students returning to the Logan campus this fall.

Ryan Smith was a guest on KVNU’s For the People program on Thursday and agreed the challenge is that many young people just don’t care about politics as it is, but he said their group was interested .

“It was a concern for me when I came to Utah State, early last year, there (were) all these clubs on campus, and I saw that there had college democrats, and I said, where are the college republicans. There wasn’t a conservative club on campus, so I said, ‘I’ll start it myself.’ no need for anyone else to push me to start it,” so we started it. We have 129 members, we had good attendance at many of our events“, explained Smith.

He said they had grown a lot over the past year and had been the most active in quite a while.

“There was a Republican college before, so I agree with you…we need students and the younger generation who will become the new leaders to be involved in political processes and have the right mindset. I think you see a lot of young people are more willing to have good conversations Arthur Brooks, he’s a centre-right conservative thinker, and he says “we don’t need less dialogue” as some people say “I don’t want to talk about politics, we need better dialogue.”

Talking to the students, Smith feels like they’re just tired of all the divisions.

“I really think there’s a big feeling on campus about it, whether the people I’m talking to are more right wing or more left wing. People, especially these students, they often say “I’m sick of this two-party system, I’m sick of this whole us versus them mentality” is really the root that they come to, this division and this polarization in the country.

Smith said they just wanted a better way and better conversations.