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Poll: Which political party supports a quick end to the Russian-Ukrainian war? The results might surprise you

Denis Volkovthe director of the Levada Center, an independent polling company in Russia, asked citizens what they thought of the war.

Volkov found that 80% of Russians support the military, but not all have full conviction in their views. He says about 50% have unqualified “definitive support”, but the remaining 30% have support with reservations.

Here in the States, a majority of Americans would rather see the United States support Ukraine in returning lost territory to Russia, even if it means a protracted war, than see a quick end to the conflict, even whether that means ceding the territory to Russia, as the Russian-Ukrainian war has been going on for nearly seven months, according to a recent Gallup survey.

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The study was conducted from August 1 to 22 and categorized responses by gender, age, level of education and political affiliation.

Democrats are more likely than any other major U.S. subgroup to support Ukraine in its efforts to reclaim land; nearly four out of five do. While 50% of Republicans agreed, and about 46% would prefer a quick resolution to the crisis.

People aged 65 and over are more likely than younger adults to support Ukraine’s bid to take back land.

Meanwhile, education appears to be improving support for Ukraine; it rises from 59% of those with no college experience to 74% of those with a postgraduate degree.

The public is roughly evenly split between those who think the United States is not doing enough for Ukraine (38%) and those who think it is doing the right amount (36%), while 24% think they are doing too much right now. .

Democrats (46%) and Americans with a college education (46%) are the groups most likely to say the US is skimping on Ukraine. This contrasts with 30% of Republicans and 31% of adults without a college education.

When it comes to opinions that the United States is acting excessively, the split between parties is much greater. Only 9% of Democrats share this opinion, compared to 43% of Republicans and 28% of independents.

The poll found that 38% think the United States is not doing enough to help Ukraine, while 36% think it is doing the right thing.