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President of the Argentinian political party Demos: Morocco has shown “the course” of opening up to the world

MOROCCO, August 12 – The president of the Argentinian political party “Demos”, Nazareno Etchepare, hailed the choice of openness to the world made by Morocco over the past two decades as well as the “course” taken by the Kingdom in political matters , economic and energy reforms.

In an interview with the Moroccan news channel M24, the Argentine politician, whose party advocates economic liberalism as a political doctrine, said that “Morocco must be an example for Argentina in this process of opening in the world”, which has enabled it to achieve perceptible and sustainable economic growth.

Etchepare said that this vigorous economic growth is due to the fact that Moroccans “understood the way forward and the reforms to be undertaken. Argentina should follow this example”, he recommended, adding that “Morocco has does what all reasonably liberal countries should have Fini”.

“In ‘Demos’, added Etchepare, we are convinced that Morocco is the country that is leading this process of transition in Africa towards greater openness to the world. There are also realities that we cannot ignore, such as its role as the main producer of phosphates”.

Referring to the role of renewable energies in the fight against climate change, the Argentinian politician underlined that “Argentina is starting to follow the path of solar energy which is very developed in Morocco”, which would open up interesting prospects. cooperation between the two countries.

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