Political party

Principal fired after asking students to join political party

After encouraging students to join the Bharatiya Janata Party, the headmistress of the college was asked to tender her resignation.

After receiving complaints from students about the circular, administrators of Smt. NC Gandhi & BV Gandhi Arts and Commerce College have urged the director in charge to retire.

The BJP’s election page committee demanded that residents of the municipal corporation area be members, so on June 24, the director in charge of the college Ranjanben Gohil sent a circular asking female students to bring their format photos passport. Additionally, Gohil said that after joining the election page committee, female students would be allowed to bring their own cell phones to the college campus.

This loop has sparked debate and has been condemned by rival political factions. The college administrators immediately called a meeting and elected to speak with Gohil. According to administrator Dhiren Vaishnav, the trust asked him to resign from his position after hearing it.

“This college of arts and commerce was founded in 1951. Its only motto was to educate girls, give them cultural and physical education and prepare them for the competitive world. It never entertained political activities on the college campus. The action of the in-charge principal is unacceptable to the college trust, so the responsible principal has been asked to resign,” the trustee said.

The circular shocked the students. Student elections are not permitted on the state’s college campus, although the state has registered student unions.

The National Student Union of India (NSUI) said it had also demanded action against the administrator of the college. “Not just the principal, the trustee must also be punished,” said NSUI chief Girirajsinh Vala.

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