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Quebec political party calls on Canada to sever ties with ‘racist’ monarchy

The leader of the Bloc Québécois tabled a motion in the House of Commons for Canada to cut its ties with the British monarchy, calling the constitutional form of government “racist” and “slavery”.

Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet called the monarchy “archaic” and “a thing of the past.” He says the constitutional form is “humiliating” and urged other Canadian MPs to take appropriate steps to sever ties with the British Crown.

Referring to Canada’s new ruler, Blanchet says King Charles III is a “foreigner who knows nothing of Canada” and says he would struggle to pass the country’s citizenship test.

The motion — which was tabled on Tuesday — is much more complex to enact. Under the Constitution of Canada, all provinces, territories and both Houses of Parliament would have to unanimously consent to sever ties with the Crown.

The Bloc says a “very large majority” of Quebecers believe it is “important to break free” from the monarchy and that “its costly symbolism is the perfect time to finally take action.”

Critics of the Bloc motion in the House call it a meaningless political stunt to gain ground. Specifically, Conservative MP Pierre Paul-Hus said the initiative was that the BQ was trying to gain popularity and grab media headlines.

Several MPs wonder if a separatist party should have an interest in deciding who will symbolically lead Canada.

Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureaux says Canadians have other pressing issues, citing inflation, affordable housing, health care and climate change as issues the House should focus on.

Blanchet says politicians are ‘capable of talking about more than one thing at a time’ and laments that members of his party have been forced to pledge allegiance to a ‘conquering empire’, rendering their oaths to the Crown ‘meaningless’ .

He concluded that Bloc MPs are committed to their oaths to Quebec citizens, not to the British Crown.