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With just over four weeks to go until Election Day, the Democratic Party still has time to realize its limitations, which have seen it lose winnable races, or barely cringe at the federal and state levels. Imagine the worst, most corrupt, lying, and dictatorial GOP since its inception in 1854 seeing its most dangerous and extreme candidates win the election.

Democrats must escape the controls of their incarcerated political/media consultants.

To unleash the many policies, messages, strategies, rebuttals, and on-the-ground means of getting more votes, Democrats must escape the controls of their incarcerated political/media consultants, who too often come into conflict with their ongoing and their 15% commission received by placing repetitive and meaningless video ads.

With their sufficient funds, Democrats must aggregate the case against the GOP’s morbid opposition to humanity and contrast it with the Democratic Party’s own legislation, votes, and positions. For example, the Dems have to compare all of their pro-child work with the GOP’s ugly record of cruelty to little ones once they’re born. (See my column: Big issue of the 2022 campaign: GOP cruelty to children). Trump’s GOP has gone out of its way to block federal Medicaid funds from insuring children in GOP-dominated states, rushed to revoke an Obama rule banning a pesticide, especially deadly for young children , and blocked all attempts to enact paid sick leave, family leave, and child care. In 2017, Republicans also cut the already low tax rates of their wealthy and powerful payers.

Democrats should act quickly with a winning “Protect and Feed ALL our children” platform.

The GOP is chronically hostile to women’s freedom and equality. Republican opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, equal pay mandates, corporate market discriminations and reproductive choice, and other serious biases can form the basis of a platform. democratic form “Freedom for women”.

With lives and public infrastructure regularly destroyed by floods, ocean waves, winds and wildfires due to global warming, the GOP candidates respond with a curled lip: NO! Republicans voted down or successfully blocked Democrat-backed public works bills in Congress, costing lives, jobs, community stability and using taxpayer dollars not to benefit the people , but to the greedy corporate dogs of Wall Street and its plutocrats.

Most Democrats have been reluctant to take on the 800-pound gorilla in the political arena — widely despised by liberal and conservative voters, big business controls coercions, bailouts and exploitations on people’s livelihoods. More than 70% of people, regardless of their political stripe, bear the brunt of abuse by corporate barons every day where they live, work and raise their children. Numerous press articles, pointed studies and litigation data show that the Democratic candidates who engage with all parents, all workers and all consumers to make giant corporations our servants, not our masters, will win the support of a large majority of voters. People are tired of double standards. They want corporate crooks to go to jail. They want runaway CEOs held accountable. Such positions would immediately contrast with GOP cover-ups on Wall Street, big banks, insurance companies, and greedy drug and health insurance companies. Many Democrats can point to their pending legislation holding those Goliaths accountable that Republicans have smothered.

The focus of these proposals — among others available — is to energize Democratic candidates and liven up their repetitive daily campaign routines and rhetoric. It’s time for the Dems to go on the offensive against the false accusations fabricated by the GOP and give compelling substance to the hungry media. Journalists are tired of covering campaigns like horse races and reporting mostly on campaign contributions and poll results.

Headlines could emerge injecting new issues and slogans to grab more of the 120 million eligible voters who are expected to stay at home. A few examples follow.

Exposing the GOP death cult that can’t help but oppose existing and proposed concrete health, safety, and economic rights for American families will motivate voters.

“Go vote for a raise to $15 an hour, you’ve earned it and it’s long overdue.” The GOP hates the very idea of ​​a minimum wage and froze the federal minimum at $7.25 an hour, while letting people like Apple CEO Tim Cook earn $833 PER MINUTE on low tax rate! Raising the minimum wage will help over 25 million voters.

“Go vote to extend the $300-a-month Child Tax Credit that has reached 58 million children and cut the child poverty rate by a third, until the GOP in Congress blocks its extension in January 2022.”

Democrats who show they mean what they say, stay on the offensive and hone their debate skills to provide memorable contrasts with the GOP can win a working majority in legislatures to get things done. Additionally, exposing the GOP’s death cult that can’t help but oppose existing and proposed real-world health, safety, and economic rights for American families will motivate voters.

Florida GOP Senator Rick Scott, responsible for electing Republican senators, wants to end laws, including Social Security and Medicare, as noted in his “An 11-point plan to save America.” Run daily against this outrage.

These contrasts can be summarized on a single sheet Voter Self-Help Guides distributed by the tens of millions everywhere on paper (and online). One side can poll voters on a dozen positions. The other side can show that the Democratic nominee is “on their side” and the GOP nominee is not (supported by facts and their track record).

Working with civic leader Mark Green and two dozen experienced and accomplished civic advocates, we’ve compiled a collection of these policies, strategies, and messages to entice voters and remove GOP candidates who follow their leader, Herr Trump, by destroying further our fragile, democratic institutions, voting procedures and public health with their early denial of the Covid pandemic.

The Winning America effort has been endorsed by Senator Edward Markey, Representatives Hakim Jeffries, John Larson, Jim McGovern, Peter DeFazio, Jamie Raskin and Carolyn Maloney, among others.

There is still time for candidates to listen, learn and self-galvanize electoral energies. The question is, will the close House, Senate, and state legislature Democrats be ready to emerge from their managed cocoons and become winning monarch butterflies on November 8, 2022?

Will the Democratic Party block the GOP Party of Anxiety, Dread, and Fear from nominating Trump lackey Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) as Speaker of the House and corporatist Mitch McConnell (“The Guardian of Gridlock” who says he’ll “tell you what we’re going to do AFTER we win the election”) to regain control of the Senate?

Voter turnout will decide America’s future.

See https://winningamerica.net/