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Screen Time: MB Strategies’ Maya Brown shares her tech habits

Democratic strategist and organizer Maya Brown, head of MB Strategies, is dedicated to ensuring underrepresented voices are in power.

Axios Tampa Bay wanted to know how “one of the best in the political game”, at least according toState Senator Shev Jonesinteracts with technology.

Device of choice: “Apple MacBook (associated of course with Apple’s suite of products – Apple Watch, Apple iPhone 13 and Apple iPad). I’m still waiting for Apple to send me a brand offer.”

First touch of the day: “Snooze my alarm, immediately followed by Google Calendar to see what’s on my calendar and if I can go to the office in gym clothes or if the day calls for full suit attire.”

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Podcast of your choice: The woman evolves“with Sarah Jakes Roberts and BiggerPockets”Immovable.”

Reading list: “I’m currently reading David Baldacci, but I have a few from Brene Brown and Stacey Abrams to read next.”

Unread notifications: “108 text messages and 82 emails. I’ve tried to keep my notifications cleared, but the communication threads are making everything go downhill. I’m marking my emails as unread as a cue to either come back to them for a reply, or to complete a task. If either is below 100, I’m fine.”