Political campaigns

Some particularly ugly political campaigns this year

MID-HUDSON — Election-time advertising can be reduced to name-calling, suggestions of wrongdoing and, in some cases, outright lies about opponents.

Two just-concluded congressional races in the Hudson Valley have seen Republicans slugging their Democratic opponents.

In the new 18e District, the winner, Democrat Patrick Ryan, was the subject of vicious publicity. He graduated from West Point and served two combat tours in Iraq, but his Republican opponent, State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, ran ads as the campaign ended showing a photo of Ryan in alongside a photo of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who continues his unprovoked action. attack on Ukraine.

Ryan’s campaign was conducted on a positive note.

“Politics is especially nasty right now and what I’ve tried to do both in our campaign and certainly in Congress, is to respond to divisiveness, cynicism and meanness with positivity, trying to continue to inspire reasons for people to have hope, reasons for people to think about each other, just on a human level, be kind to each other, love each other,” he said. told Mid-Hudson News.

In the new 17e Congressional District, Democratic incumbent Sean Patrick Maloney fell victim to Republican Congressman Michael Lawler’s campaign claiming the incumbent was anti-law enforcement, when in fact he paid millions of dollars during his tenure decade in the House to area police and fire departments.