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Sri Lankan political party pledges support for ‘immediate establishment’ of law and order in the country – ThePrint – ANIFeed

Colombo [Sri Lanka]July 13 (ANI): Sri Lanka’s Podujana Peramuna party on Wednesday called for the “immediate establishment” of law and order in the country and pledged its full support.

“We urge the interim president and the security forces to immediately establish law and order in the country and we stress that Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna stands ready to lend its full support to this. Our view is that the behavior of violent groups facing the country should be taken seriously,” the statement said.

The country is facing a severe shortage of fuel and other essential supplies and is in the grip of its worst economic crisis with rampant inflation.

Large numbers of protesters took over the Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s office in Flower Road here.

Also, Sri Lanka Podjana Peramuna said nothing can be above law and order.

“No one can be above the law. Indeed, the citizens’ right to life and the freedom not to be subjected to violence are guaranteed only by the establishment of law and order in the country,” the political party said.

“We specifically emphasize that this liability cannot be waived. There is absolutely no scope to act against or impede the proper functioning of the standard law, constitutional institutional structure and related institutional process,” he added in the statement.

The worsening economic situation in the country has led to growing tensions and in recent weeks several clashes between individuals and members of the police and armed forces have been reported at gas stations where thousands of citizens desperate lined up. for hours and sometimes days.

Kalpraj, a Sri Lankan national, said the prime minister and the president were conspiring against the citizens.

“The prime minister and the president were conspiring against people. The president promised to step down on July 13, but he did not. So you can see that people are angry and frustrated with the system and with the president’s decisions. So they occupied the prime minister’s office,” the Lankan national said today.

He also insisted that there be a legal procedure to bring him (President Gotabaya Rajapaksa) back to the country.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, a 26-year-old protester who was hospitalized after being tear gassed outside the Prime Minister’s Office in Flower Road today has died after developing breathing difficulties.

The protester was receiving treatment at a private hospital in Colombo.

Security personnel had used tear gas to chase protesters through the streets of Colombo. (ANI)

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