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The documentary film illustrating the beginning of the political organization of the Brazilian LGBT movement has its premiere in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday (28)

Entitled “When we dare to exist – History of the Brazilian gay movement +”, the feature film which brings the vision of activists from the 70s and 80s, on the historical journeys of this movement, will be screened on Thursday (04/28), at 6 p.m. , to guests of the Teatro Alcione Araújo – Biblioteca Parque, in downtown Rio de Janeiro. After the screening, there will be a series of interviews with the filmmakers and activists of the time.

Recorded between 2017 and 2019, with activists who worked in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, Pernambuco, Bahia, São Paulo, Sergipe and Ceará, in the 1970s and 1980s, the team challenged the Brazilian territorial extension to find people who founded the Brazilian gay movement. Between the comings and goings on the roads of this vast country, some memories have been rediscovered in defense of democracy and gay citizenship.

Scripted and directed by Claudio Nascimento and Marcio Caetano, the documentary “Quando Ousamos Existir” deals, through interviews, with the historical trajectories of the LGBTI+ social movement, from its emergence in the midst of the military dictatorship to its participation in the debates of the Constituent Assembly , who went through the first years of the AIDS epidemic and the fight against the pathological nature of homosexuality. Through the testimonies of activists, the intense political and cultural struggle for the liberation and affirmation of homosexuals in Brazil is revived up to the first actions in favor of citizenship.

In more than 40 years, the homosexual movement has become LGBTI+, has accompanied its transformation and contributed to significant changes in society and in the performance of the Brazilian State in the defense of citizen democracy.

Technical sheet

General direction, concept and interviews: Claudio Nascimento and Marcio Caetano Screenplay by Claudio Nascimento and Marcio Caetano
Produced by: Claudio Nascimento and Marcio Caetano
Research: Claudio Nascimento, Fabio Rodriguez, Larissa Martins, Marcio Caetano
Art direction and photography: Fabio Rodriguez
Camera, lighting and live sound: Fabio Rodriguez and Marcio Caetano
“Memories” soundtrack, Valeria Barcellos – performer Giuliano Barretto de Carvalho – composer
Illustration and animation: Fabio Rodriguez
Editing and finishing: Fabio Rodriguez
image captionFabio Rodriguez and José Pedro Minho
Editorial assistant: Agda Antunes
Research Assistant: Clara Brandao, Elisa Abreu, Felipe Spardilotto, Joao Neto, Julio John
Production Assistant: Elisa Abreu, Joao Neto, Julio Jun
Sound mixing: Fiona Maria
Publicity: Julia Fripp and José Pedro Minho
Designer: Thales de Aquino

Check out the trailer for the documentary When We Dare to Exist.

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