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The fastest growing political party in Kansas? none of these answers

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. (KCTV) — Since January 2021, the Republican and Democratic parties in Kansas have lost thousands of members.

Meanwhile, the number of unaffiliated voters has increased by the thousands.

Figures provided by the office of the Kansas Secretary of State show that in January 2021 there were 874,555 registered Republicans in the state of Kansas. In July 2022, that number fell to 851,881, a decrease of 22,673 voters.

The number of Democrats in the state of Kansas decreased by 14,381. As of January 2021, there were 509,955 registered Democrats in Kansas. This number fell to 495,574 in July 2022.

The total number of unaffiliated voters in Kansas increased from 536,468 in January 2021 to 560,309 in July 2022, or 23,841 voters.

When examining registration figures by county, the unaffiliated voter constitutes the second largest political “party” in the counties. In Democratic-leaning Wyandotte County, the number of unaffiliated voters exceeds Republicans.

In many Republican-leaning counties in western and central Kansas, unaffiliated voters outnumber Democrats.

The Libertarian Party saw a slight increase in support, from 21,178 registered voters in January 2021 to 22,207 in July 2022.

The total number of registered voters in Kansas has fallen by 12,184 people since the start of 2021.