Political party

The vital political party for the future of racing

WHEN Victorian’s hit the polls this Saturday for the state election, they will do so with a new player in town.

It’s a holiday for companions and pets and for greyhound racing participants and the wider pet-loving society, it has the potential to be a game-changer both now and in the future.

Still in its infancy but gaining momentum at a rapid pace, The Companions and Pets Party will be represented by 16 candidates at the polls this weekend, seeking election to both the Upper and Lower Houses.

The formation of the Party is the brainchild of well-respected racing man, John Hutchison, who decided he could no longer sit idly by and just watch anise races and groups of animals spread the disinformation without any responsibility.

“Time is not on our side for this election, so we’re using it as a real springboard to get our feet in the ground for the future,” Hutchison said.

“In just a few months we have built a very strong following on social media and have been encouraged by the level of support from the racing, show dog and agricultural industries.

Champion coach Robert Britton is manager of the new party

“Being involved with show dogs as well as greyhounds opened my eyes to the threats these industries face from the ‘antis’ and it really got to the point where a respected party had to be formed to stand raise and hold these groups to account.

“You see overseas at the moment there are banned races and court cases with some banned show dogs. Given what we have seen in the past, we would be naive to think that will not reach us and that is ultimately why the party was formed.

“To give these industries a clear and decisive voice for the future.”

With the party built on the principle of protecting the rights to own and enjoy your animals, Hutchison promised the driving forces behind the scenes are here for the long haul.

“Being ready for this election has been a race against time, but for us it’s all about awareness right now,” Hutchison added.

“In the next election four years from now we will be much better prepared, but any result we can get this weekend is a big step in the right direction, we have 16 fantastic candidates.

“The rules around donations and the like put us on our toes, but we’ve really been boosted by the support we’re getting from most parts of the racing industry and show companies.

“And we also represent the agricultural industry. A collective voice to push back against groups like the Animal Justice Party who live by saying what they want in the absence of facts is desperately needed.

“As we know they are very sneaky in the way they try to achieve their goals.

“It is time for the hundreds of thousands of people who love and care for their animals to come together with one voice and support the parties that support our goals.

In the countdown to Saturday’s election in Victoria, Hutchison called on racing enthusiasts who love their animals to start making a difference.

In this election the Companions and Pets Party needs your support, speak with your racing friends and ask them to speak with their friends,” he said.

“If we come together to stop these extremist animals, we can all make a difference and protect our races and protect our choice to have animals in our lives.

“To vote for the Party, simply look for the Companions and Pets Party box above the line in the long ballot, and simply place the number 1 in that box. Do not check any other boxes above or below the line. »

There’s an old adage that sports and politics don’t mix.

And in many ways that’s true, but when it comes to supporting The Pets and Companions Party, what attendees essentially do is vote for their future.

“Racing and show dogs will outlive my life, but what about the next generation or the one after that?” Hutchison said.

“Forming this party is about building a framework that will allow a united voice to speak out and speak loudly.

“And although we are based here in Victoria, we now have the ambition to move nationally as support and interest grows.

“The last message I would like to leave with people is that we are here to support your rights as lovers and carers of your animals and to protect your right to do so.

“Anyone who doesn’t think the threat is real isn’t listening hard enough.”