Political campaigns

Umahi bans political campaigning in public schools ‘to curb the destruction of facilities’

Dave Umahi, Governor of Ebonyi, banned the use of public schools for political rallies.

The governor also announced a restriction on commercial motorcyclist operations between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. as part of efforts to address insecurity.

Speaking at a stakeholder summit on citizen input and consultations on the 2023 budget forecast on Monday, Umahi said political parties must obtain permission from the education commissioner to hold rallies in the schools.

“Let me clarify that from November 1, before a political rally can be held in primary and secondary schools, political parties must obtain approval from the Ministry of Education,” he said. he declares.

“No political campaign should take place in a public school and that is our position.

“We don’t want situations where our school facilities are destroyed in the name of the campaign. We don’t want people to go there and start defecating in the school premises.

“We want to checkmate the destruction in our schools and preserve the facilities there.”

The Governor of Ebonyi also expressed concern about the use of hate speech by candidates for elected office and advised politicians to be more careful in their statements.

Speaking on the 2023 state budget, he added that the focus would be on education, infrastructure, health and agriculture.